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Unlock Consistent and Increasing Income in Your Business with Our Effective Customer Engagement Strategy & Discover how you can transform your business.

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In this Workshop over 3 days, 11am to 2pm CAT each day1,2,3 December 2021:

You will discover the relationship between Great Customer Engagement and Great Business RESULTS, focusing on these imperatives:

✅Experiencing business transformation by being sold on Great Customer Engagement. Superficial lip service to Customer engagement will not produce the desired results. Taking this to heart and being all in will do so.

✅Having a mindset for success.
✅Understanding specific blocks that destroy great customer engagement. A thorough analysis of the customer engagement touch points will reveal the culprits, those inhibiting blocks.
✅The Paradigm shift - critical for every business owner & leader

✅Identifying blocks in your own business that causes your business to stagnate or shrink. When we bring the analysis close to home, it revels what corrective measures as the leader of the business we need to take.
Characteristics of successful business owners.
Developing great customer engagement that will build an unforgettable business brand which attracts positive energy, unlocks consistent income and ignites a growing business.

Who is this Workshop for?

👉 Business Owners who have challenges connecting with their ideal customer, making their offer, closing the sale, building business relationships.
👉 Business Owners who want to excell at connecting with their ideal customer, making their offer, closing the sale, building business relationships.
👉 Business Owners who have challenges with generating consistent and increasing income

What we will deliver to you?

By the end of this Workshop you will: 

✨⁣have a clear understanding of customer engagement & its impact on your business,

✨⁣be able to implement a great customer engagement strategy, 

✨⁣be able to unlock consistent, increasing income that will produce consistent business growth.

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 Wednesday 1, Thursday 2, Friday 3 December 2021 
  Each Day 11am - 2pm CAT, 10am - 1pm, SET 


Who presents this Workshop?

Hi! I'm Granville Edwards. I am the CEO of Prolific Worx which I founded after a great career spanning several decades in full time  employment within Corporate Organisations.

Why I left full time employment is to make a greater contribution by coaching Business Owners to succeed in Business.

I never realized that it would take me nearly 3 years to see real breakthroughs in my own business. What a journey to pursue BIG goals.