We love to serve our customers with excellence and remain committed to ensure that exceptional results are achieved. What excites us and what we are here for is to help the people we serve to experience breakthroughs and transformation in their lives and their businesses.


1 On 1 Coaching

We offer custom designed coaching programs which is based on your business needs. This is formulated after a review of your challenges and your business priorities.

The coaching program is agreed between our customer and ourselves. Both parties commit to outcomes, actions and progress reviews.

Group Coaching

Group coaching includes some 1 On 1 Coaching as specified in the program.

The coaching sessions in the main are delivered in a group settings.

The coaching program is agreed to between the customer and ourselves.

Both parties agree to outcomes, actions and reviews.

Other Services


Our Founder and CEO Granville Edwards launched his speaking services.

He speaks on leadership and stepping into your extraordinary and abundance.

He focuses on motivational and  inspirational topics with clear actionable steps for personal growth and effective leadership. 

He can be requested to speak at Business Events, Corporate & Small Business Training Events or Team Building, School Events for both Educators and Learners, Religious Groups and Special Groups such as Clubs.



 Our Consulting Services generally would require us to assist organisations with programs and initiatives in-house. In these cases we would ascertain the exact expectations of our customer and together formulate the program or project that will deliver the desired results.

We are also available to assist organisations with team development or team building. Our contribution being speaking, not event organizers, at such events as we are passionate about personal development and self education.