About us-Prolific Worx

About us

Our CEO Granville Edwards Founded the organisation in 2016. He had a great career spanning several decades in full time employment within Coporate Organisations.

He left his employment in 2018 and reflects on why saying, 'I wanted to make a greater contribution by coaching Business Owners to succeed in Business. The Business Owners are usually Entrepreneurs who are experts at what they offer but need assistance to operate and take their businesses forward'

To prepare him for Business Coaching, he studied at Live Your Message with Marisa Murgatroyd, Proctor Gallagher Institute and many others. He however remains a lifelong student. 

Our entire organisation is committed to provide value that supports those we serve.
We help Business Owners to unlock consistent and increasing income through great customer engagement.

We help our clients to connect with their ideal customer with confidence and a build a great relationship for repeat business.

We subscibe to an ethical code of conduct in operating our business and respect the rights of employees, partners, suppliers and clients.

We further recognise the importance of our Corporate and Social Responsibility and this philosophy is entrenched in the culture of our organisation.

We are a 100% Black owned organisation.